Red Mountain RV Rentals Rules & Agreement

This “rules” list may seem like a lot, but we want to make sure you are fully informed and have no unrealistic expectations concerning your RV rental.  Most rental agencies have the same rules, we just want to be completely up front before you reserve and prevent any misunderstandings later.

In addition to the terms of the rental contract:

Minimum 3 night rental.  (4 nights on holiday weekends) such as Spring Break, July 4th, Watershed, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Fair Weeks in surrounding counties.

Our business model of “no hidden fees” and “no unexpected charges when you get back” is completely true.  But! That does not mean there are no fees or penalty if you break the rules.  Please make sure you understand the rules and ask if you have any questions about any particular rule or expectation.  Unfortunately, over the last few years we have learned that some customers will break rules or take things from the RV if there are not fees upon return for doing so.

First and foremost is our Cancellation Policy.  ONCE YOU BOOK your reservation, the cancellation policy applies.  If you cancel prior to 7 days before your scheduled pick up, the cancellation fee is $300.  If you cancel your reservation within 7 days of your scheduled pick up, your entire deposit will be kept.  We do this for a few reasons.  Once you book, no one else can book that trailer.  If you cancel, our fees will recover the costs and all associated fees lost since that trailer was unable to be rented.

NO Refunds for Early Returns:  If you return early, we do not refund the days you will not use.  This includes if you have an accident or crash the unit, however if the crash is not your fault you may be able to recover your rental costs from the at-fault driver’s liability insurance.

All Drivers MUST be at least 25 years old and must be listed on the contract as having passed a DMV check when you pick up the unit.

NO SMOKING in the unit.  Smoking in the unit forfeits your entire security deposit.

Travel Restrictions:  Our RV units are NOT allowed to travel into Mexico.  No travel allowed on any non-paved roadways like logging roads, forest service roads, beaches, etc.  Only exception to this is a non-paved road inside a licensed RV Park.  Crossing into Mexico will cause the unit to be reported stolen and the loss of your security deposit.

Toll Roads, Red Light Cameras, and Parking Tickets etc.:  If you can’t pay the toll at a toll booth then don’t use the toll road.  Toll invoices are a major burden and we will charge a $75 fee for each invoice we get.  Responsibility for traffic or parking violations will be transferred to you and you will also be charged a $75 administration fee.

Towing:  We do not allow towing anything with our units.

Awnings:  We allow the use of our awnings, HOWEVER, make it known, that if due to weather, wind, hitting a tree, driving, toll road, or incorrect use etc., YOU as the renter are responsible for the cost of the damages of the unit.  Please note, most awnings cost about $800-$1400 to replace, and your security deposit isn’t enough.  So if you wish to risk it, it is at your choice and you will be held 100% responsible and it could exceed your security/damage deposit amount.

Pets:  Pets are not allowed in our units.  NO exceptions.  Many renters are allergic to pets so we do not allow them.  If animal hair, smell, or remnants of bodily functions are found in the unit, you will lose your entire security deposit and be black listed for future rentals.

Training:  When you pick up the unit, we will complete a pre-rental orientation of the unit that will include paperwork, payment, walkthroughs, instruction of use, and hooking up.  This process typically takes about an hour, so if you want to leave for your trip at “3pm” please be here by 2pm so you can leave on time.  We will not rush this process under any circumstances for your safety.

Cleaning:  Your unit was cleaned before you rented it, and we ask that you be respectful and pick up after yourself.  We understand vacations are all about the parties, but if your unit comes back looking like you had a party, you will be charged a $250 cleaning fee.

Waste Holding Tanks:  Waste holding tanks must be emptied prior to return.  Putting anything other than human waste or RV toilet paper (supplied) in the toilets (example: feminine hygiene products, diapers, non-Rv toilet paper, baby wipes) will result in an extra fee.  If you don’t want to do the dumping yourself, we can do it for you for an extra charge.

Rental Period:  We rent by night.  We do this for the convenience of our customers as some can’t pick up until after work, while others need to pick up earlier in the day.  So we keep it simple.  Overnight = 1 night.  So if you pick up on Sunday, and return on Thursday, you will be renting it for 4 nights.  Please note, we aren’t set up for after hour drop offs, so please make sure your pick up and drop off times are during business hours.

Freezing Weather:  If you operate an RV in freezing weather, it is your responsibility to winterize and drain the water lines to prevent freezing if you leave or store the unit.  Customer is responsible for any freeze damage to the plumbing system.  This is usually not a problem if you are staying in the RV with the heat on.

Contingencies:  Our ability to provide the rental unit you reserved is contingent upon the previous customer returning the unit on time and undamaged.  If a unit is not returned, damaged, or otherwise not road worthy when returned from a prior rental and there is no time to repair the unit before your rental, we will offer to swap you to another unit IF one is available.  If there are no other options to cancelling your reservation or we don’t have a comparable unit, you will receive a full refund of your deposit.

Mechanical Breakdown:  Recreational Vehicles, just like any other mechanical equipment, can have problems.  While extremely rare for mechanical breakdown to strand a customer anywhere, it doesn’t matter if a unit is brand new, or an older model, they can have mechanical problems at any time with little or no warning.  Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is not telling you’re the truth.  What we can assure you is that we don’t cut corners when it comes to maintenance.  Preventative maintenance plays a major role in not having problems on the road.  Repairs on the road are significantly more costly for us and preventative repair contractors would likely cost more than we are making for that rental, so it makes absolutely zero sense to send an RV out with any known possibility of a breakdown.  Any critical item needing repair will be fixed asap to get you back on the road.  Please understand that RV systems that don’t affect the drivability or the unit are not considered “critical” and we will authorize repair on the road on a case by case basis.